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Understanding Fire Protection: Sprinkler Systems

by Norman Holden on 09/29/14

Sprinkler systems as a form of fire protection dates back to the late 20th century. Though this technology remains quite basic, it is still an important means of fire protection in all types of buildings. It plays an accurate and necessary role in the fire protection.  Over the years, fire sprinkler systems have come in more than one form. So fires in buildings can be well prevented by having any of these devices installed.

Automatic sprinkler systems

These are set to activate once a preset temperature range is reached. For example, when a bulb gets overheated or another material gets melted exceeding the set temperature, the sprinkler system automatically gets activated allowing a flow of water to start. The flow of water continues until the fire threat is deemed eradicated.

How does the automatic fire sprinkler system work?

Today’s sprinklers operate in one direction: downwards. They are set to start one after the other in a sequence. They do not all get activated unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. It should be noted that open office fire safety sprinklers work a little differently from the systems that are installed in the factories. There is no temperature detection with office fire sprinkler systems, meaning that the level of heat is not a factor.

One thing to note with sprinkler systems that use bulbs is that there is a color code that dictates how the temperature of operation works. With these, temperatures are set depending on the type of expected fire hazard. The system then gauges the severity of the situation, and then acts from there.

The actual number of activated sprinklers depends on how near they are to the fire, or the alarm, or the immediate fire occurrence. The technology has been well thought over the years and has gotten only better with time, putting out fires within buildings as soon as they happen.

Are fire sprinkler systems reliable?

Fire protection is a necessity in all environments. Fire sprinklers systems in this case are a reliable way of preventing fires from harming people and damaging their properties. The world today heavily depends on fire safety equipments as a reliable and effective means of fire protection. The best thing about these fire safety devices is that they never fail to do their job and they do it well. Most commercial and residential buildings today have these fire protection systems installed in them.

Sprinkler systems coupled with other fire safety devices such as fire extinguishers make for a formidable setup in fire fighting and prevention. While getting water soaked from the sprinklers is very inconveniencing to all that happen in the way, it is something all building owners would rather have happen than the alternative.

Sometimes, people have to take the good things with the bad ones. In this case, everyone is better off with sprinkler systems because they are an invaluable means of fire safety. Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most reliable fire protection devices out there in the market for your selection. But to assure their continued proper functionality, sprinklers like any other fire safety devices need to be well inspected, serviced or maintained throughout their lifespan.   

All in all, it goes without saying, protecting yourself from fires is better than the alternative. It is therefore important to have things such as sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and others well placed, installed and unobstructed in your building for safety of all and everything in it. It is advisable to be vigilant and aware of what is around you, as well as have a healthy respect for things that could result into a fire eruption. In the end, this could end up saving your life, and not forgetting your property. No doubt about this!

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