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Signs Indicating That You Should Update Your Commercial Fire Protection System

by Norman Holden on 11/13/14

Fire systems, like anything else, can age too. It is therefore important to update what you have for your commercial business as this will save you time, effort and most of all money. How then would you know that it is time to get an upgrade for your commercial fire protection system? Consider the following warning signs.

It has already aged

You may have owned your commercial fire protection for quite some time now, say, 15 years already. Remember that whilst it has no expiration date, it will never last forever. Note that the industry has already considered making upgrades in fire prevention technologies. You can consider these new technologies as helpful in upgrading your old system. If it has been a while since you have last updated your fire system, then you must already be missing on something new when it comes to fire prevention technology.

You have been making too many service calls just recently

If you have been calling your service provider every now and then just to check on your fire alarm system in your establishment, you should take that as a sign to upgrade your existing system. Upgrading will not only help save you from too much operation cost. It will also benefit your workplace and increase protection from fire. If you want your system to function properly, now is the right time to upgrade.

You have made changes in your business establishment

If you have made some changes on your business area and that change has affected the fire code regulation within your locale then you have to keep your act together and call for a fire system upgrade. The upgrade, specifically, will be of much help if you have relocated your flammables to a different place within the building. It will also be crucial if you have added elevators or made adjustments to your room sizes. Upgrading your system will ensure that you are complying with your locale's fire code.

You have been spending too much on fire monitoring services

You may not be aware of it but sometimes it is true that you are already paying too much for your regular fire monitoring services. When this happens, then you need to make an upgrade. It is true that you may have to spend on upgrading your commercial fire protection system. Later on, however, you will realise how much you will be saving from fire protection maintenance since it does not have to be done as regular as it used to before. Perhaps, the routine maintenance can be done every once in a while depending on your agreement with the provider.

One of the components in the system fails

Upgrading your system will be required as soon as one of the system components already fail. You do not have to wait until such time that the entire fire protection system no longer works for you to call for a service upgrade. You need to be very vigilant about this. Otherwise, there will be an increased risk for fire hazards later on.

Some of the components in the system are no longer available

As mentioned awhile back, the industry has been making frequent updates on their fire protection systems. This being the case, there are certainly some obsolete components that are no longer available today. When a part of your fire protection system is no longer available for purchase, you will certainly need to upgrade it.

Do not wait for such time that your fire protection systems no longer function for you to make an upgrade. Also, if you want these systems to serve you better, you can always call us and hire our services. We live by our mission to protect you and your property from fire at all times!

Comments (2)

1. Mike said on 9/16/15 - 08:19AM
Your facts are incorrect Norm. Fire system do have expiration dates. for example the CANULC listing of a fire alarm will only last 25 years. At that point it is required to update your equipment. Sprinkler heads are to be replaced every 25 years etc... Many other systems have service limits etc.. flow switches and supervisory devices. Funny you dont mention any where on your site that you sub out all your work to others? Is that honesty? not by definition Norm
2. Norm said on 9/17/15 - 06:17AM
Hello Mike, Many of the blog posts (most in fact) were posted by the seo contractor who has been let go for this and other reasons. If you look at my products and services page you can see that we say We also offer inspection & maintenance * Fire Alarm Systems * Sprinkler Systems * Kitchen Systems As you can see we offer the services but nowhere do we claim to be the provider of them and all of our clients will deal with their respective service providers directly and be billed by them directly at no mark up with no commission or kick back to us, we simply put our clients in contact with those who can provide them with services we do not provide directly. As for the services WE offer WE do all of that work ourselves aside from hydrostatic testing and recharging of Co2 extinguishers, if this is who I think it is, something you do ad well. Also if this is who I think this isn't really a place to attack someone's company for no reason other than some slightly incorrect information on a blog post. If you see an error in something you know is not my area of expertise instead of lowering yourself to publicly attack how about a call or email suggesting I correct the information? At any rate thanks for pointing out the error.

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